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Every Inchie Monday began January 2, 2012 and we will continue it in 2022, a year with colours"
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Words for 2015

I had some fun generating a list of new words for EveryInchieMonday 2015. Following the proposal of Zoe I started with the word Egg, then every following word begins with the letter the previous word ends. I thought Egg is a very nice word to start. I have to warn you because there are a lot of animals in the list especially in the beginning and some (maybe) difficult words. I will laugh at the person who made the list when we are at these items. I hope you will have fun with the words and create a lot of inchies.

01/05/15 Egg
01/12/15 Giraffe
01/19/15 Elephant
01/26/15 Talk
02/02/15 Kitchen
02/09/15 Night
02/16/15 Texts
02/23/15 Snail
03/02/15 Love
03/09/15 Egyptian
03/16/15 Nail
03/23/15 Lasso
03/30/15 Oak
04/06/15 Knitting
04/13/15 Gecko
04/20/15 Octopus
04/27/15 Shell
05/04/15 Leopard
05/11/15 Diagram
05/18/15 Movie
05/25/15 Envelope
06/01/15 Pillow
06/08/15 Wave
06/15/15 Etna
06/22/15 Apple
06/29/15 Enjoy
07/06/15 Yarn
07/13/15 Nose
07/20/15 Energy
07/27/15 Yellow
08/03/15 Window
08/10/15 Wall
08/17/15 Lamp
08/24/15 Pavilion
08/31/15 Necklace
09/07/15 Ear
09/14/15 Rhythm
09/21/15 Myth
09/28/15 Hotel
10/05/15 Lumberjack
10/12/15 Key
10/19/15 Yogurt
10/26/15 Texture
11/02/15 Emotion
11/09/15 Nymph
11/16/15 Exotic
11/23/15 Crochet
11/30/15 Tea
12/07/15 Angel
12/17/15 Locomotive
12/21/15 Evolution
12/28/15 Next

(The list had been edited)

Did you realize that we will only have 51 inchies this year? I made one special inchie for my inchie calendar 2014. Next year will also have only 51 Mondays. That is the reason I wrote one word for 2016 at the end of the list.

I hope that I did'n make any mistakes. If you find one please write me.


  1. Brilliant list, I will look forward to the challenge, thank you for doing this for us, and keeping our brains working.

  2. Thank you for another list of wonderful word challenges to inspire us in 2015!


  3. You are awesome, Trillian! You can all laugh at me too for all the difficult words. There can never be enough animals.
    But I especially love that there are two Novembers and no December :D
    Thank you for everything!

    1. Aha, worked it out. There is nothing for April 27, which probably explains 51 Mondays.

    2. Thank you Zoe. I will correct the list.

  4. You are amazing Trillian-looking forward to making the set next year.

    Well done Zoe for spotting one was missing

    Love Chrissie x

  5. YAY!! I am excited to look over these words, Love the direction you took on these!

  6. I had so much fun doing Inchies this year. I love seeing what our clever group members come up with each week. Thank you.

  7. I can't wait to get started on the list (I like to work ahead). They look awesome. Thank you for all your work.