Open to everyone:
A weekly challenge that will leave you with 52 square inches of pure creativity!
This is a great exercise for those that don't have a minute to spare.
Imagine the end of the year....what will you create with your inchies???
How will you interpret the Inchie Word of the Week?
Create one square inch of art with anything, post it on your blog or Flickr
then leave a comment here with a link to your INCHIE.
An inch a week is all we ask...
but it's ok to miss a few
Every Inchie Monday began January 2, 2012 and we will continue it in 2022, a year with colours"
Would you like to join us?

Make your inchies out of anything!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Inchie Next

Show your next inchies! 
Leave a comment with a link to your inchie art or link yourself!


  1. Is it already Wednesday? How could I miss Monday?
    I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year as well as a happy, healthy and successful 2016.

  2. Happy New year to you Trillian, I was getting worried about you. Hope you are ok and I like the idea of your inchie. Take care my friend

  3. You party girl you! Have a gorgeous 2016!

  4. I was a bit worried too, hope evrything is okay! Great inchie! Looking forward to participating next year :-)

  5. Great Inchie pleased you had a good party season.

    Love the list for next year and can't wait to join in

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Great inchie, and I too was worried that you were perhaps ill. Have a happy and creative New Year. Looking forward to working on next years list.

  7. So glad you are okay! Love the inchie.

  8. So glad you are okay! Love the inchie.

  9. I was worried as well. Glad you were just having too much fun! Great inchie and looking forward to another year with this amazing group!

  10. Good to see it was just the holidays keeping you busy! :)
    I want to thank you for an entire year of challenges! This really is my favorite challenge. :-)
    Great next inchie!

    Happy new years. See you in 2016! :-P

  11. A suitable subject for the final post of the year.

    Happy new year to you & see you again soon.


  12. Happy New Year, Trillian! Hope it's as brilliant as your challenge list for next year. Can't wait to begin again! Cheryl

  13. Happy New Year to all. I just looked at the list and it looks like some fun prompts. Thank you for all your hard work providing a fun place for us to play.