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Imagine the end of the year....what will you create with your inchies???
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Create one square inch of art with anything, post it on your blog or Flickr
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Every Inchie Monday began January 2, 2012 and we will continue it in 2022, a year with colours"
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The blog continues!

Hello everybody,

Margriet and I (Jolande) are going to continue with this blog.
First we like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and creative 2018 and we like to thank Trillian for all her work the past years.

This year we will make a world trip and it would be fun if you travelled with us.
What do you think about a country, is it the food, the flag, a famous landmark or something else, show it on an inchie.


  1. I came to see on here....and got the answers to my questions. Looking forward to joining in the fun again!

  2. Excellent news - looking forward to it well done both of you x is that tomorrow’s Inchie - just any country or will you give us a list of countries?

    1. Jenny the list is on the left side of the page.

  3. Great news and thanks for continuing this blog! And thanks for Iceland and Norway, my favorit countries :-)

  4. Woohoo! Happy New Year to us all...this is indeed happy news...that the inchie fun continues in 2018 (and with a wonderful list of new inspiration). Many thanks to Trillion fro all her hard work in the past few years, and congratulations and thanks to Margriet and Jolande for keeping this going. Maybe a tutorial on the mechanics of such hosting could prepare some of us to step in if needed during the year might be useful, I would be happy to help out if I knew what it entailed...Yay for the Netherlands! Dx

    1. It is not different than working on your own blog, but you have to be administrator to post on this blog.

    2. Thanks for the information, Dx

  5. Thanks so much Ladies!!! Wooohooo! When I think about a country, I am drawn to all parts of it, the food! The people! Culture, landmarks, flag, history! All of it. Oh I cant wait!

  6. Dear Margriet and Jolande,
    thank you very much for taking over the projekt and the blog.
    I had fun making the inchies and hope you will have much fun too.

    1. Trillian, thank you for organizing it for such a long time! We're very happy to keep the EIM blog alive and kicking ;-)